Fire Emergency plan

Action on discovering a fire

Warning if there is a fire

Calling the fire brigade

Evacuation of the workplace, including those particularly at risk

Power/process isolation

Place of assembly and roll call

Liaison with emergency services

Identification of key emergency routes

The fire fighting equipment provided

Specific responsibilities in the event of a fire

Training required

If you discover a fire:

Sound the alarm by breaking one of the Fire Alarm glass panels

Dial 999.  We are monitored by the Fire Brigade.

Give the telephone number 020 8566 5692 and ask for Fire Brigade.

Say ‘Fire at: St Andrew’s Church Centre, Mount Park Road, Ealing W5 2RS.

Answer questions clearly and concisely and do not replace the receiver until they have repeated the address.

Upon hearing the fire alarm :       

Evacuate the building as quickly as possible making your way to the nearest Fire Exit, being:


All organizers must ensure that all clients/visitors are escorted safely from the building.  Please remember that some of the users could require assistance.

Do not delay, do not waste time collecting personal belongings, do not continue telephone conversations


Close, but do not lock doors behind you to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading

The Senior Fire Marshal is    Maureen Vincent  Centre Manager                

The Fire Marshal/s should ensure their floor area zone has been completely evacuated and the Fire Marshal leaving by the main entrance should pick up the In/Out Board and the Visitors register.

All staff/user’s should proceed to the assembly point St Andrew’s car-park, where the fire Marshal/Organizer’s should perform a roll call of the user’s, (using In/Out Board/Visitor Book). The Fire Marshall should confirm that the building is completely evacuated and that everyone is accounted for.

The Senior Fire Marshal will  liase with the Fire Brigade and no one should re-enter the building until it has been confirmed that it is safe to do so.