Complaints Policy and procedure

Anna Davydova Dance School responds to all complaints and ensures that they are managed efficiently and courteously and as quickly as possible. If the reply is to be dealt with swiftly, it is important that full details are given. Anonymous complaints cannot be processed.

1: Complaints against Anna Davydova Dance School

1.1 In the event of an individual being dissatisfied with the service being offered by the school, the complaint should be detailed in writing to the Principal (Anna Davydova). She will log and acknowledge the complaint and will reply to the complainant within 14 days.

1.2 The manner and conduct of the teacher and administration of the school is a matter between the student, or their representative, and the school.

2: Customer Complaint Procedure

2.1 The complaint must be in writing, dated and signed by the complainant. Emailed complaints are acceptable provided the complainant’s full name and postal address details are included.

2.2 Anonymous complaints will not be considered or dealt with under this policy.

2.3 The complaint must include the name of the member concerned with a factual explanation of the alleged incident, and be accompanied by any supporting documentation and details of any action already taken to resolve the complaint.

2.4 The complaint must not be more than two months after the alleged incident or incidents, unless the complainant was not aware of their existence at the time they occurred, or the circumstances were such that they could not reasonably have been aware of such incident or incidents.

2.5 Anna Davydova Dance School will endeavor to acknowledge the complaint within fourteen working days of receipt.

2.6 The member who is the subject of the complaint will be sent a notice of the complaint which will provide details of the complaint against them, including any supporting evidence and documentation, unless there are exceptional circumstances for not providing the same, for example, the information would prejudice any criminal proceedings that may be instigated or are already in progress or there are concerns about the safety of the Complainant or any third party.

2.7 The member will be expected to respond and state their case and provide any relevant information or evidence in support as soon as is reasonably possible and in any event within 14 working days of the date the notice of the complaint was sent to them.

3: Confidentiality

3.1 All complaints will be treated confidentially.

Complaints should be sent using the details below and addressed to Anna Davydova

Email: [email protected]

Postal Address: st Andrews Church, Mount park Road, W5 2RS, London

Complaints Policy and procedure