Health and Safety Policy

Anna Davydova Dance school

takes seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of our pupils.

  1. All parents must complete a Registration Form when joining the school with clear information regarding emergency contacts and any relevant medical history.

  2. A copy of primary and emergency contact numbers will be kept on class registers.

  3. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of any changes to their emergency contact details

  4. In case of a fire emergency all teachers have a clear understanding of procedures to follow.

  5. The School will undertake regular assessment of risks regarding our premises and any concerns will be raised with the owners.

  6. It is the school responsibility to keep a fully equipped First Aid Box within the building. In case of an incident an Accident report must be completed and a copy given to parent/guardian on collection.

  7. All teachers are required to have up to date First Aid training and certificate can be provided on request.

  8. If required the school will contact the emergency services first, then the parent / guardian of the student(s) involved by the telephone number on the class registers.

  9. Parents understand that dance is an active sport and injuries can happen. The school accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained via any means other than a teacher’s negligence.

  10. Pupils will be supervised during class time only and parents / carers must ensure the safety of their children in the car park, waiting, changing and toilet areas.

  11. We hold no responsibility for children and young adults using the grounds around the building. This is extended to the stream where access is strictly prohibited.

  12. Children are not permitted in the kitchen area at any time.

  13. Students/parents or guardians should inform the teacher of any special health considerations or existing injuries before participating in class

  14. Parents must be responsible for ensuring your child’s punctuality.

  15. Dress code must be observed at all times, especially footwear for safe dance practice.

  16. Only indoor dance shoes should be worn inside the studio to protect the floor and for health and safety reasons.

  17. Shoes must be worn when using the toilet facilities.

  18. Pupils should not wear any jewelry that may pose a risk to themselves or others (stud earrings, and jewelry worn for religious or cultural reasons are acceptable).

  19. No food (or chewing gum) is allowed in the studio. Water is permitted in cap bottles.

  20. No child will be allowed to leave the studio with anyone other than a parent unless confirmed with teacher prior to class either verbally or via email.

We are committed to reviewing our policies and procedures annually.

This policy was updated on 2 April 2023