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Back to Studio ! 7 September 2020 !!!

Back to Studio ! 7 September 2020 ! Enroll Your Child !!!


Autumn term 2020 starts 7 September !!!

Back to Studio !!!

Enroll Your Child!


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Practice, practice, practice and you will succeed!

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Sleeping Beauty !

Anna Davydova Dance School is an ambitious and dynamic educational center of London and is in the middle of our community of Ealing !
My goal is to provide very practical dance education for children, young adults and their parents !
My philosophy is excellence through all areas of life in my schools and educational centers.
I follow the supreme standards of teaching and relations with our patents, our children of all classes.
My schools are the centers of cheer, happiness and joy of expressing yourself through dance !

You are Very Welcome !

Your leader in the World of Dance and happiness !
Anna Davydova

Kind words obout Anna Davydova Dance School ! 

  • Dear Annn, I hope you can find this mail well. I'm a parent of Uraraka, West Acton Primary School, after school club, your ballet club student. Thank you for always supporting my daughter. We will go back to Japan on 3rd of July, so Uraraka can participate in your lovely ballet lesson until the end of June. Thank you very much for teaching her that ballet is full of joy and fantastic ! Uraraka loves and enjoys your lessons. I can't thank you enough. Thank you very much again. Regards, Kumi Abe/ Uraraka's parent
  • Thank You for the Lovely Lessons.... !!!!!
  • joshua_royal

    So grateful to be have been in the studio for coaching & rehearsal @fieldworksdance with @annadavydovadance for my upcoming dance solo which will be featured in #TheNakedTruth on 1st December 2020 It’s just amazing that with just a few wise words of advise from your mentor - you can totally transform & loose yourself in the moment with the music & choreography.... Thank You @anna_davydova_dance for your amazing guidance and support for this project I am so grateful for our friendship & our mutual love of dance - it feels so good to have found the fire inside again... I can’t wait to share this solo with you all...
  • Anna! I always appreciate you so much❤️ Teruyo, ballet student parent

  •  Thank you Anna!

    Having the best teacher will make you love ballet from the bottom of your heart no matters where you are it will always be in your allure Saiidris, parent to a ballet student

  • Anna takes a lot of pridein Her work!
  • Dear Anna,

    I am sending you some photos of Elisavet while practicing ballet at home.

    First of all I want to thank you for your continued effort you put into the lessons even under the new more challenging circumstances and keeping the kids’ interest high in trying their best and trying to copy the moves as you show them and giving them your instructions. I have to admit that when you first suggested the online lessons, personally I couldn’t think that was possible as I was assuming ballet and all the different types of dance is not about giving instructions and following them but it is about experience. However you have managed to succeed and overcome lots of the difficulties.

    Although I am happy Elisavet has continued with her ballet I think the restrictions of space and the lack of all the other features a proper lesson used to have like the experience of dancing and practicing within the team and of course having you, their teacher in front of them, restrain the quality of the lesson online. I can see all the efford you have put into it and I am happy that there is a good progress as the kids have managed to be able to follow your guidance through the screen.

    Elisavet loves her ballet classes and it gave a normality to the new conditions.

    Thank you again. Andri


    Dear Anna,

    Happy New Year !!! to you and your family! May it be full of joy? Peace and Love...

    Thanks to you, a passionate teacher, we see our incredibly inspired daughter grow into a graceful little girl...

    Please keep spreading the beauty and joy of Dance!

    Gratefully yours, Cristina, Aymeric, Uliana and Rafael 🙂

    Cristina, Aymeric, Uliana and Rafael
  • Dear Anna,

    Thank you very much for bringing your dancers to appear at our event last Saturday. Despite the rain they performed brilliantly, and you, what a star, dancing in the rain with such style and grace, Hollywood could not have done better. It was a truly magical moment, right there in Ealing, in Pitshanger Lane, very memorable. Please pass on my thanks to the children and everyone involved with you. I hope to see you again next year, possible at our summer event towards the end of July.....

    George Auckland
    The Stage Manager for PCA (Pitshanger Community Association) about our performance on Pitshanger Lane

Ballet Classes Online !!!

Classes Online ! 

Contemporary Dance!

Anna Davydova Dance School

Coppelia 1 Act

Coppelia 2 Act





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Risk assessment


Anna Davydova Dance School:

We are really happy that the government guidance has allowed dance settings to re-open for the Autumn term, so we would be delighted to see your children back at the studio

Dancing under the latest government guidelines will certainly look different, but we’re now able to adhere to the regulations and fortunately we’re blessed with a HUGE Dance space to safely utilise!

Of course, we want to take every precaution we can to ensure the safety of all children and teachers. We have had the studio professionally risk assessed and will be doing the following:

Maximum of 15 children to a session

Studio will be marked so that children are positioned 2m away from each other

Please drop and collect from the studio door (please queue in a socially distanced manner if you need to wait) – no-one except the attending children to be inside the studio

Punctuality is very important at the drop-off and pick up time, also one parent/carer and no siblings.

Please arrive ready to go, and bring a drink, snack and a lunch box.

For the exercise you will need a yoga mat, a football sized ball and resistance band about 3m long (no sharing allowed)

No end of the week show to parents – the children’s amazing work will be filmed and uploaded to a private YouTube video for you to see

We can’t wait to welcome children back to the studio !