Anna Davydova

27th May 2020

Ballet for Kids !

VARIETY OF BALLET PERFORMANCES FOR KIDS IN MOSCOW Many parents teach their children to appreciate beauty and we cannot but approve of such an approach. Moscow has […]
27th May 2020

Schools in Eaing !

The Government is asking schools to welcome back children in reception, year 1 and year 6 from June 1  Dozens of primary schools have written to […]
27th May 2020

Summer in the City!!!

Ealing is the birthplace of the famous Ealing Studios and Ealing Blues Club, and a thriving base for film-makers and musicians. The annual Summer Festival draws […]
6th January 2019

Anna Davydova Dance School Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Policy

“Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For” Anna Davydova Dance School is fully committed to promoting children’s rights, especially their right to be protected from harm, abuse […]